How do I know if I will benefit from using Prostatop®?

According to our studies, 80% of men will benefit from the components used in Prostatop®

How often do I need to take Prostatop?

Usually, the starting dosage is 1 capsule a day. If no adverse effects are seen, it is then advised to increase the dosage to 1 capsule 2-3 times daily.

Prostatop® can either be taken all at once or throughout the day, preferably with food and liquid.

There is generally no preference as to when to take Prostatop. Some customers prefer the morning, and some prefer the evening. Once you begin to feel the benefits of Prostatop, you may also try reducing to a 2/3 or 1/3 dose daily, as part of a maintenance program.

How many Prostatop pills are in a bottle?

Each bottle of Prostatop contains 60 capsules, which is approximately a 30-day supply when used as recommended.

Does Prostatop have any side effects?

You should generally have no side effects from the combined nutritional ingredients in Prostatop® provided you take as directed. Prostatop’s clinical grade ingredients are 100% natural and are formulated in a GMP  and ISO compliant facility.

Due to the strength of the formula and the level of antioxidants in Prostatop®, it is advisable to take Prostatop with food or liquid.

We have had some reports of mild stomach concerns and nausea, when taking Prostatop on an empty stomach.

If you do have any side effects please report them to us at You may also want to take a 1 capsule dose rather than a full dose so that you can adapt to the ingredients.

Can I take Prostatop with medications?

Prostatop is 100% natural; however, we recommend that you consult your health care provider before taking Prostatop if you are taking prescription medications. One component of Prostatop – Quercetin – may interfere with the actions of antibiotics so should not be used until the antibiotic course has been completed.

How long will it take for Prostatop to work?

Some men experience noticeable improvement in just a few days, while for others it may take from a few weeks up to 90 days. The majority of studies surrounding prostate health and the ingredients in Prostatop have demonstrated that the largest benefits and quality-of-life improvements come from consistent use over a period of months. It is also best to continue taking Prostatop even after your prostate health has improved as this will help maintain optimal prostate health and maximum immune support.

How is Prostatop different from other natural prostate supplements?

Prostatop is formulated using and based on the most up-to-date, research-based science that has demonstrated benefits for prostate health. (Ingredients listed on Prostatop® page). There is a lot of anecdotal and “fairy tale” research around prostate ingredients used in other formulas.

Our position is simple: if it is not backed by research and clinical trials, you will not find it in our prostate health formulas.

Is Prostatop® all natural?

Yes, Prostatop contains all-natural ingredients. There are no drugs inside.

I am a diabetic. Is it safe for me to take Prostatop?

Prostatop® is safe for diabetics to use.

Can I take Prostatop with Cipro or other Antibiotics?

As the Quercetin in Prostatop has the potential to interfere with the actions of Cipro and other Fluoroquinolones, we recommend not taking Prostatop until you have finished any course of Fluoroquinolones that have been prescribed for bacterial Prostatitis.

Can Prostatop help with my sexual dysfunction or decreased libido?

Prostatop was specifically developed to promote health in relation to an enlarged prostate and prostatitis. There are specific ingredients in Prostatop which can help promote a healthy libido and sexual response.

I do not think I have a prostate disorder. Will I still get a benefit from Prostatop?

At some point in their lives, all men have less-than-optimal prostate health, which has a significant impact on quality of life, sexual function and general health. It is a serious issue. The problem is that most men do not deal with prostate health or take preventative measures to stay healthy until it is too late.

The therapeutic dosages in Prostatop provide the same benefits in maintaining a normal prostate size whether you have an enlarged prostate or not. Taking Prostatop as part of your daily health program is the best way to ensure maximum prostate health, continued healthy libido and overall immunity support. Prostatop contains a significant dosage of antioxidants and other ingredients which have numerous benefits for men’s health, as well as helping to maintain prostate health.

I haven't been to a doctor/urologist. Can i take Prostatop?

It is advisable to visit your GP or urologist before starting Prostatop. the doctor will make investigations and a diagnosis concerning Your health condition.
Prostatop is not advisable, only because of potential symptoms. Prostatop, due to its powerful natural ingredients, can mask (for example prostate cancer) symptoms of dangerous health conditions and diagnosis can be late.

I have chronic non-bacterial Prostatitis. Will Prostatop help?

Chronic prostatitis is a health condition that can last for years. Prostatop alleviates the symptoms of Chronic Non-bacterial Prostatitis, its powerful natural ingredients decrease the inflammation process and calm down prostate tissue. If you have already tried all the medications prescribed by your GP or urologist, and they seem do not help, it is good idea to try Prostatop. According to statistics, neither medical drugs nor natural products give You 100% cure rate.

What other natural/other supplements are good to use with Prostatop?

Good combination will be: Omega-3, green tea and C-vitamin.

What other things can I do to enhance and support prostate health?

From a urologic point of view prostate health is a multifactorial and complex system. To support prostate health You have to follow a healthy lifestyle, have regular sufficient physical and sexual activity and eat healthy food. If You are interested in Your prostate and health in general, You have to stop smoking, avoid alcohol and passive lifestyle (like sitting for too long)

Who created Prostatop?

Roman RusmanThe main designer, owner and director of Prostatop and RusmanPharm OY is Dr.Roman Rusman, a certified urologist and clinician in Finland (EU) and Estonia (EU) with over 10years of clinical experience. He graduated as urologist from the University of Tampere in Finland. Now, he is a chief of urology department in East-Viru Central Hospital in Estonia (EU).

Why was Prostatop made?

As clinically-active urologist, I’m treating a lot of people for chronic prostatitis and lower urinary tract symptoms. But, due to complicated nature of Prostatitis, there is a problem that a rather large amount of patients do not experience any improvements in their symptoms. It doesn’t matter how hard you, or they try – and what medications they use (according to EAU Guidelines). Also, usual “prostatitis” drugs, uch as alfa-blockers (tamsulosin, alfuzosin) can cause side effects: retrograde ejaculation, hypotension, fatigue and collapses. After searching in EAU Guidelines and collaborating with other urologists and andrologists I decided to propose an alternative for people with Prostatitis symptoms. Here came an idea to create Prostatop to help people. So I’m waiting for Your feedback after trying Prostatop.

Do You personally use Prostatop?

Yes, I do.

Is Prostatop 100% Finnish product?

Prostatop was designed by a Finnish doctor who using European Urological Guidelines, which are standard of care in Finland and in EU/UK. The product itself is made in GMP, FDA, ISO  accredited facility in China (as almost all things nowadays). Product is inspected by Finnish customs, Food and Drug safety organs and fully safe for the user.

How long does it take to receive Prostatop?

Our warehouse is situated in Finland and Estonia. So it depends where it was sent from, but usually it takes us 1-2days to dispatch the item and 5-10 day for postal delivery.

Why can’t I see/find tracking number?

You can use international postal tracking service:

FEBU urologist Dr. Roman Rusman in Terveystalo, Helsinki